Simon Bell

From audio engineering to game level design, Simon’s devotions have always been driven by creativity. He is insanely gifted at producing unique and innovative ideas and spends his days creating and mastering his skills. Working with Fortnite Creative since it’s beta release, Simon was one of only 30 creators to see their work featured on The Block. Since then Simon has established a significant role within the developer community, His most recent work was selected by Epic Games to showcase as the weekly Fortnite Creative Hub. In the 2 years since creative was released, he has seen his work featured by Fortnite multiple times & worked with multiple companies and influencers to successfully bring their vision into Fortnite creative. Simon is currently working alongside Mackenzie and Johnny creating games for new clients and Epic Games to bring their visions into Fortnite. 


Mackenzie Jackson

Hailing from an Education, design & gaming background, Mackenzie has first hand experience with effective player immersion. In July 2019, Mackenzie’s work in Fortnite Creative caught the eye of E-sports organization 100 Thieves. Working with them & their sponsors, Uber Eats & Rocket Mortgage, Mackenzie created their vision and saw it played on Twitch with millions of viewers by such influencers as Valkyrae, CourageJD, NoahJ456 & 100 Thieves founder, Nadeshot. In September 2019 Mackenzie accepted an exclusive invitation to Epic’s headquarters in North Carolina US, to work with them on creating unique player experiences within Fortnite. Mackenzie is currently working alongside Simon and Johnny creating games for several new clients and Epic Games to bring their visions into Fortnite.


Johnny Lohe

Driven by perfection, Johnny has an acute passion for using logic to create innovative solutions to solve problems, generally exceeding his goals. As an avid & skilled gamer, Johnny is highly player-focused & is always thriving to produce the best outcome and immersive experience for the player. Being community-focused, Johnny is a natural team player and brings undiluted vision & direction to the team. Considered one of the best mechanics in Creative & equally skilled aesthetically, Johnny has seen his work featured a multitude of times and worked with Epic Games directly to create several LTM experiences within Creative. Johnny’s gifted applications are an integral part of our process and his overall skill set has become an essential asset to our team, driving us into the future.


About Us

We are a consultation group catering to companies seeking marketing in the gaming industry. Founded in 2019 as Alliance Studios, we quickly became heavily established within the Fortnite creator scene. As of May 2021, we have seen our work featured over 35 times by video game & software developers Epic Games, worked directly with Epic to create games and level templates for millions of players in Fortnite, and worked with several commercial clients to extend their marketing reach directly into Fortnite and the gaming community.

What We Do

We are passionate to deliver unique in game experiences that successfully promote our clients brands & educate players in their cause while maintaining an exciting and immersive gaming experience for the player.

Our team has worked with several clients to deliver fun, unique campaigns inside Fortnite Creative. We have extensive experience working in this platform full time since its release, and having provided quality commissioned maps to a handful of well know brands. We provide a professional experience and vast knowledge in every step of the creation process.

Our Services

Below is a list of just some of the services Alliance Studios can do for your company.

  • Brand Logos – We can create your brands logo within your project.

  • Video guides and walkthroughs – We can provide video footage with detailed descriptions of each element implemented in your creation.

  • Special requirements – We work within your requirements to effectively protect and promote your brand accordingly, with brand sensitivity in mind. 

  • Game Modes – Many game modes can be created to fit your requirements. examples are, but not limited to: Adventure’s, Racing, Trivia, Speedrun’s, Mini-Games, Free for all etc.

  • Mechanics – We can implement a vast array of mechanics into your project. eg. custom pop up message prompts to suggest a relative action and much more.

  • Privacy – We work under strict NDA with all our clients.

  • Communication- We encourage our clients to engage in video conference calls throughout the entire process, allowing for open communication and explanation of all aspects of the project. 

  • Knowledge- Our experiences have allowed us to know the best strategies to engage  audiences. We provide guidance, suggestions and knowledge on available resources to help market your brand using our platform. 

Learn more about the process behind our projects and how we can effectively market your brand inside the number one game in the industry.