Commissioned by Epic Games In association with Mohammad Hamaki for Fortnite Creative’s Soundwave Series, Alliance Studios created the “Hamaki Musical Show”. Celebrate the debut of Leilt Elomr with its respective Emote released on September 30th 2021 .



Introducing the Fortnite Soundwave Series - A Series of In-Game Musical Shows

Get ready for the soundwave. 🔊 The first show of the Fortnite Soundwave Series - a series of musical shows featuring artists from around the world - begins October 1, 2021. Every show takes place in its own interactive experience in-game. The first artist in the line-up?

Fortnite Soundwave Event: Mohamed Hamaki

Get ready for Soundwave, a series of music shows featuring artists from around the world! Find out exactly what the Soundwave is, when it's happening, and which artists will be there here! In addition to his hits, Hamaki will perform his new song "Leilt Elomr" for the first time.

Fortnite Thrived With Its Virtual Concert Stage. Now It's Going Global

With its newly launched concert series Soundwave, Fortnite is taking its virtual concert stage global, announcing a slate of upcoming events for five regional superstars from around the world on Tuesday. Soundwave will start this week with Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki, whose show launches at 2 p.m.

Hamaki takes center stage in Fortnite's Soundwave Series

Get ready to feel the beat in the Soundwave Series. What is the Soundwave Series? It's a series of shows that will give the spotlight to different musicians from all around the world! The first artist featured in the Soundwave Series will be one that has already made an impact on Fortnite Radio, Egyptian Singer Mohamed Hamaki.