Joining the Spy Within LTM line-up, “Spy Within: Guilded Galaxy” saw 7 Million players during its time in Fortnite’s 2-week “Spy Within” LTM playlist. Designed by Alliance Studios in collaboration with the SWLTM crew, “Spy Within: Guilded Galaxy” ported players through a series of intergalactic-themed scenes each with their own unique and other-worldly aesthetic.



The Spy Within LTM Infiltrates Fortnite

Agent, Several key islands have been infiltrated by Spies. Track them down and flush them out. Watch your back, you'll be arriving at each location with limited information. We don't know who the Spies are, so don't trust anyone.... ...We can trust you, right?

Sarah Silverman And More Join Top Streamers For New Fortnite "Spy Within" Game

Fortnite Houseparty is bringing together eight of Twitch's top streamers and a few celebs are joining in on the fun to celebrate the new Spy Within game with video chat. Streamers like Dr Lupo, Pokimane, Ninja, itsHafu, and more are going to be joined by Sarah Silverman and David Dobrik for a special Fortnite Houseparty video chat session getting down on the online game's new experience with Spy Within.

Fortnite: How to Play 'The Spy Within' (Tips, Tricks, & Rewards)

Fortnite's new community-created LTM is called The Spy Within, and it is very similar to Among Us. Players can earn rewards for being an Agent or Spy. The theme of Fortnite Season 5 is all about espionage and bounty hunting, which has given rise to a new community-created Limited-Time Mode called The Spy Within.

Fortnite Adds New Limited-Time Mode The Spy Within

Fortnite has added a new limited-time mode called The Spy Within, which basically recreates Among Us in the game. Popular Twitch streamers like Ninja, Pokimane, David Dobrik, Dr Lupo, Timthetatman, and others streamed the new mode using Fortnite's Houseparty video call feature.

Fortnite Spy Within Brings Among Us to Battle Royale

Epic Games has revealed a brand new limited-time mode added to Fortnite battle royale for a while. This featured playlist is none other than one inspired by the massively popular PC, mobile, and now Nintendo Switch game Among Us. It is known as the Fortnite Spy Within game mode.

How to Complete The Spy Within Challenges in Fortnite

To capitalize on the smash hit that is Among Us, has added a new Creative LTM to its matchmaking called Spy Within. From the name alone, it's hard to tell exactly what this is, but it's actually a full recreation of Among Us in Fortnite.

Fortnite's new limited time mode is basically Among Us

has been infiltrated by spies, and it's up to you and your crew mates to discover their hidden identities before they can pick players off one by one. If that sounds familiar, that's probably because it's the exact same premise as Among Us, a game that found breakout success in 2020.

'The Spy Within': Everything To Know About 'Among Us'-Like 'Fortnite' Mode

Epic Games has launched a new limited-time mode for "Fortnite" The mode is called "The Spy Within" It's like playing "Among Us" but set in the "Fortnite" world Epic Games has released a new feature for the popular shooting game "Fortnite."

Fortnite's latest LTM is an Among Us impostor in the best way

(Image credit: Epic Games) The new Fortnite Spy Within LTM pays homage to Among Us as secret spy players try to destroy a team from within before they're found out. The Spy Within LTM playlist went live today, bringing in a new set of game modes built by community creators.

Fortnite's new limited-time mode is essentially Among Us

(Image credit: Epic Games) Fortnite is certainly no stranger to rolling other franchises and intellectual properties into its universe, as evidenced by the entirety of season 4's Marvel theme. Season 5 has brought us back to earth a bit (Kratos and Master Chief notwithstanding), but that hasn't stopped Epic from emulating an entirely different game.