Zone Wars LTM: Water Wars

A partnership with Epic Games selected to be featured as a Limited Time Mode on the frontend of Fortnite in December of 2019. Zone Wars: Water Wars, the first Zone Wars featuring working Chapter 2 water, racked up hundreds of millions of plays and was played by the most competitive Fortnite players globally, such as Buhga, Ninja, Tfue, and more.

Spy Within Welcome Hub

Created by Alliance in collaboration with the SWLTM Team to compliment Fortnite’s December 2020 Spy Within LTM Event rollout and seeing in the new year, Epic Games commissioned this expansive low poly themed, Creative mode Welcome Hub featuring the entire Spy Within experience and a selection of other games over the NYE holiday break.

Spy Within Matchmaking Hub

In association with SWLTM, Alliance developed a close-quarters social hub hosting all 7 Spy Within LTM Experience maps & a how-to-play tutorial catering for players looking to easily learn, play & cycle through the Spy Within LTM playlist.

Spy Within: Shopper’s Delight

Just as the name suggests “Spy Within: Shoppers Delight” is a big spenders paradise. Loaded with 2 levels of shopping madness in a classic American mall layout Shopper’s Delight assigns players the roles of Janitor’s & Spy’s in a clash of money-wise wits. Created by Alliance Studios in collaboration with the SWLTM crew & featured by Epic Games in the “Spy Within” LTM playlist, Shoppers Delight gained 9.1 million players within 2 weeks of being featured.

Spy Within: Gilded Galaxy

Joining the Spy Within LTM line-up, “Spy Within: Gilded Galaxy” saw 7 Million players during its time in Fortnite’s 2-week “Spy Within” LTM playlist. Designed by Alliance Studios in collaboration with the SWLTM crew, “Spy Within: Gilded Galaxy” ported players through a series of intergalactic-themed scenes, each with their own unique and other-worldly aesthetic.

Spy Within: Midnight City

Featured as an LTM for Fortnite’s 2020 NYE celebrations, “Spy Within: Midnight City” invited players to discover the busy city at night. Filled with cinemas, cafes, clubs, and of course, the local commute. With the world busy celebrating the new year, “Spy Within: Midnight City” celebrated online with 4.3 million players joining the party. Created by Alliance Studios in collaboration with the SWLTM crew.

Rio Terra Hub

Designed with Venice, Italy in mind. Alliance created this immersive Rio Terra Welcome Hub. The Hub takes you on a quest exploring the town, with a surprise gondola ride in tow. Featured by Epic Games in Fortnite in January 2021.

Seaside Port Hub

Designed and created by Alliance’s Snownymous, Seaside Port Welcome Hub immerses players in a snowfall shipping container factory port. Epic Game selected Seaside Port to be the Welcome Hub for the week in January 2021.

Alliance Matchmaking Hub

Created by Alliance as a social space for players to gather to find and matchmake into a handful of popular games created by Alliance. Epic Games selected to feature Alliance’s Matchmaking Hub in January of 2021.

Soulrest Mansion Hub

Fortnite’s annual Halloween festival #Fortnitemares Comes each October and with it comes 2020’s Halloween themed additions from Alliance! Soulrest Mansion was created to be featured as the Creative hub during the #Fortnitemares Event in October 2020. Epic games selected this Hub to go live in game during Halloween Week!